Hello, lovelies! I have literally been running a mile a minute recently. Basically, living in two different cities.

Juggling time between a new job that I LOVE and spending quality time with family and friends has proven to be no easy task. Good thing this weekend is one of my favorite holidays. Sure, some would call it a Hallmark holiday but I think Mother’s Day is one of those rare moments during the year when EVERYONE is forced to take a breathe and reflect on arguably the most important person in most of our lives–our mothers.

I use the term “mothers” loosely because it can mean very different things to very different people.

Personally, I am more comfortable with the term “mama” and it refers to one special bitch I know. Not only is she the lady that made all this possible by bringing me in to this world 23 years ago but, she is also the inspiration for pretty much everything I do. She taught be about style and grace at a young age and continues to every single day.

So, here’s to all the mother’s out there! xo.

How I have lived in Austin for almost five years and had never been to Max’s Wine Dive is a mystery to me. Luckily, I solved this problem last weekend for my sister’s birthday. We were looking for a fun, laid back restaurant with good food and we found it.

We shared a couple bottles of Prosecco and cheered the night away to my beautiful little sister. And since it was her birthday and calories didn’t count, we shared the fried chicken and mashed potatoes (delicious!). Oh yah, and you can’t leave there without trying to mac-n-cheese appetizer–it is AMAZING.

After dinner we hopped on over to Truluck’s for (in my opinion) a couple of the best desserts EVER.

All in all it was an amazing night, spent with great people and awesome food. xo.

Here is it people, the movie poster for the upcoming film rendition of The Great Gatsby starring Leo Dicaprio and Carey Mulligan.

In case you haven’t noticed, I have been on a bit of a 1920’s kick…a la here and here.

The release date for the epic drama is set for December 2012. Let’s just hope and pray they don’t mess this one up.

Happy Sunday, ya’ll! xo.

Brigette Bardot…French actress, animal rights activist, and total bad-ass. Oftentimes described as the first liberated woman of post-war France. All of these things make her completely fantastic, but even better, this woman also had amazing style.

Known for her long blonde locks and shocking outfits. In her youth, Bardot was the epitome of a free spirit.

Women like this inspire me to be more daring with my fashion choices and always live life fearlessly. xo.

Welcome back to Simply Sarah May for a series I like to call, “Dress for Success”–original, right?  Anyway, as ya’ll know…I love and adore everything having to do with fashion, beauty, and the overall improvement of everyone’s (else’s) appearances.

So…thus began the “Dress for Success” series in which I will discuss a topic very near and dear to my heart–how to dress appropriately.

I’ll cover everything from job interviews to first dates and rainy days to a day on the beach.

Let’s kick it off with my version of southern comfort…dressing for comfort. A lot of people confuse comfort with frumpy, but this is a tragic mistake and it must be stopped.

This past weekend Austin got more rain in two days then we have gotten in two months, but with a hoard of college friends in town we couldn’t exactly post up at home. So we braved the rains and freezing temps in the name of a good time.

It was then and there that I decided there is nothing sadder then seeing a girl tripping over her 5 inch heels on the cobblestone streets of Austin’s sixth street in a mini dress while it pours down rain on her (once) perfectly curled hair.

Ok, I’ll admit–I have been this girl, but the difference is…I smartened up, FAST! I keep it super simple and very practical when the weather is crummy.  This past weekend I sported faux leather leggings, a baggy sweater top, hunter boots, and topped it all off with a raincoat.

So, maybe not the most glam outfit I have ever put together but by no means did I look frumpy.  And more importantly, I was comfortable, weather-appropriate, and could keep up with my boys.

Happy Thursday, ya’ll! xo.

here are a few shots from my life recently.  like most, Instagram has become kind of THE digital chronicle of my life. we are settling in to a bit of a routine here is Austin, Texas.  But of course, there are always a few surprises to keep things interesting.  So, here is a little info about each snapshot:

  1. A few weeks ago my sister and I headed home to Houston for a quick weekend with family.  All I can say is, we do brunch. A lot.
  2. This is the look I get from Holly every morning saying, “Please don’t leave me Mama!”.
  3. Dancing! I am a grown-up 99% of the time, but I can’t always resist the Austin nightlife.  Snapped this one of a friend while out a couple weeks ago.
  4. New (pink) shoes! My dad got me these neon pink/yellow training shoes.  Now I have no excuse but to gym it up hard.


If you caught The Beauty Department’s how-to post on the Ballerina Bun, then you’ve seen this beautiful picture of Lauren Conrad.  Conrad’s signature ballerina bun is certainly chic, and most definitely a desired look for many women out there–me included.

Conrad and her team give an extensive instructional post on the look, but I recently discovered a MUCH simpler solution–the sock bun!

A special thanks to Lauren (not Lauren Conrad, that is pure coincidence) for showing me this awesome trick!

Its so easy, it’s almost confusing.

  1. Find an old (clean, please) tube sock that you won’t miss
  2. Cut off the top (stretchy) park of the sock.
  3. Roll up in to a scrunchy look-alike…this is your sock bun!
  4. Put your hair in a pony-tail on the desired part of your head. The sock bun works for a low bun, too.
  5. Grab the bottom of your hair and pull it straight up so you can clearly see your hair in the mirror.  Take your sock bun and place it at the bottom of your pony-tail.
  6. Wrap hair entirely around the sock bun and tuck your hair in to the center of the sock bun.
  7. Fold the sock bun down until you reach the base of your head, continuously tucking hair in to the sock bun.
  8. Make it as clean or messy as you want!
  9. Add a bow or headband if desired.
  10. And there you go!

The ballerina bun has became my go-to look for every occasional–including yoga and the gym! This bun is super sturdy. xo.

PS: Sorry I don’t have any pictures to go with this tutorial but there are a lot of great instructional videos out there already.